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Teso Elite Pro Lunch Box

Teso Elite Pro Lunch Box

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  • Oliveware Elite Pro Lunch Box is crafted using the finest quality materials, ensuring optimal durability and performance.
  • It is an excellent choice for professionals and students alike, offering 3 distinct containers with tight and spill-proof designs that effectively preserve the freshness and crispness of your food and beverages for extended periods.
  • The lunch box set includes 3 Stainless Steel Containers in 3 sizes (1*290ml, 1*450ml, and 1*600ml), along with a 130ml Plastic Container and 1 Stainless Steel Bottle (1*750ml). Additionally, the set includes a steel fork and spoon.
  • Each container is equipped with an airtight lid to safeguard your cooked food from moisture damage, and these lids are also leak-proof, guaranteeing that even semi-liquid items remain securely contained within the container.

Unique Microwavable Range

⦿ Introduced in India by Oliveware.
⦿ Can directly heat food in these containers inside microwave (Without Lid)
⦿ Is 100% Leak Proof
⦿ Multipurpose Containers, Carry in Tiffin or Store Leftovers
⦿ Airtight seal keeps odours out and freshness in
⦿ Steel Containers which are food safe with more life span

What's Inside the Box?

Generic Name: Teso Elite Pro
Country of Origin: India Net Quantity: 1 Set Included Components: 3 Containers, 1 Steel Bottle, 1 Pickle Box, 1 Lunch Bag + 1 Plastic Spoon & Fork Capacity: 290ml x 1 + 450ml x 1, 600ml x 1 Containers, 130ml x 1 Plastic Pickle Box, 750ml x 1 Bottle

Usage & Care


⦿ Use in Microwave without Lid on Containers
⦿ Wash containers with soap and a soft sponge, or in the dishwasher
⦿ Wipe down bag with damp cloth, or wash in washing machine in a net washing bag / laundry bag / pillowcase
⦿ The lids should be removed from the container and cleaned with hot water and dishwashing soap / liquid daily.

⦿ Do not use in microwave with lids on.
⦿ Do not allow the food to dry completely in the containers.
⦿ Do not use in oven or grill.
⦿ Do not use abrasive cleaners or scourers to ensure scratch free surface.
⦿ Do not put bag directly into the washing machine without a laundry bag.

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